Sailing with tapas over the canals of Utrecht

Enjoy great tapas aboard of our boats. Prepared biologically by a professional chef

What could be better than a 2 hour sail through the beautiful and unique city centre of Utrecht? Adding a tapas and drinks package ofcourse!

Right before your sail trip the tapas will be place aboard. In order to properly enjoy your dinner, a wide variation of soft drinks, wines and beer are included. The route is entirely up to you and can be altered in consultation with the skipper. This package has to be booked for at least six people. Our boats are licensed to sail with up to 42 people. However, in order to have enough seating spots during this dinner, we recommend a maximum of 32 persons per boat.

What do you get?

  • Includes biological tapas and drinks
  • Prepared for you by a professional chef
  • We recommend a max of 36 persons per boat
  • Flexible sailing route in consultation with skipper


Boat rental 2 hours (skipper included)
  • Sailing up to 42 persons €320
Tapas & drinks
  • Tapas & drinks €35,50 p.p. (minimum of 8 people)
  • If you are with less than 8 people, we charge an additional fee of €21

Boarding- and exitpoints

All our sails start at the dock of the Oosterkade. The Oosterkade is positioned at the south of Utrecht and is chosen for it’s accesibility by public transport. Would you prefer to board somewhere else? Our application form offers multiple options. Please be aware that we charge the time required to sail to the new boarding and/or exitpoint.

All boarding locations


It is totally possible to bring children aboard. For security reasons we need to know they will be on board, but we won’t charge the full amount for the drinks and bites. For children between the age of 3 till 10 we charge 50%.

Stay hydrated!

This package can be booked for a minimum duration of 2 hours. Will you be sailing with us for a longer duration? Not a problem at all! We will add more drinks to the package for €3,50 per additional 30 minutes to make sure there will be drinks available during the entire sail.


This package can only be booked for a minumum duration of 2 hours. Please be aware that the tapas is served lukewarm and that the menu changes with every season. The menu for this season is as follows:

• Salad with spelled, beetroot, sour apples, walnuts and goat cheese (vegetarian)
• Salad with tuna, marinated artichokes, celery, cornichons, and roasted potatoes (vegetarian)
• Salad with sweet potato, pulled beef, roasted tomatoes, and smoked paprika dressing

• Quiche with pumpkin, walnuts, parsley and old cheese (vegetarian)
• Quiche with smoked mackerel, spring onion, paprika
• Quiche with roseval potatoes, pancetta, chives and Gruyere cheese

• Organic beef meatballs in tomato-soy sauce
• Marinated chicken legs in olive tapenade
• Arancini with mushrooms, parmesan and truffle (vegetarian)
• Polpette nuts with miso, cumin and mint (vegetarian)
• Spicy shrimp sausage rolls

• Different kinds of bread

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