In order to make your sailing experience even more comfortable, we offer a wide range of packages aboard during your sail trip. The packages can be easily booked via the application form, or by sending an email.

All packages

Ready for all weather types

Not the best weather or too sunny? Our boats can be covered according to your wishes. On rainy days we offer the option to fully cover the boat including see through windows. The windows offer great protection against the wind on extremely windy days as well. On the sunny days, you and your group may choose to sail with the cover over half of our boat, all of it, or accept arriving at the dropoff location with a beautiful tan.

Extra catering

Cooled drinks, bites or even an entire dinner, all can be arranged. Prefer to add just drinks or just bites to one of your sails, outside of one of the packages we offer? Take a look at what we have to offer!