Just a few drinks, or an entire dinner. We got you covered!


  • Wine
    white, rosé, red per bottle
  • Prosecco
    per bottle
  • Tea
    per pitcher
  • Coffee
    per pitcher


  • ”Bitterballen”
    6 pieces
  • Cold bites platter
    Cheese, meat, bread, olives
  • Warm bites platter
    24 pieces
  • Apple pie
    10-12 pieces


  • Hot chocolate
    per pitcher
  • Gluhwein
    Per pitcher
  • Stew buffet
    3 different stews, with sausage and gravy including drinks for 2 hours
  • Winter barbecue
    including drinks for 2 hours


Prices excl. the cost of the sail itself
  • Drinks package
    Drinks package
    Per person - per 1,5 hours
  • Lunch package
    Lunch package
    per person
  • Drinks and bites
    Drinks and bites
    per person
  • Tapas package
    Tapas package
    per person
  • Sushi package
    Sushi package
    per person
  • Barbecue package
    Barbecue package
    per person

Allergies or special requests? Not a problem at all! Please contact us to discuss the solutions we have to offer.

A ton of options!

At your request, drinks, bites, lunch or even an entire dinner can be consumed aboard. Feel free to take a look at our menu for the options we have to offer. Special requests or ideas? Feel free to contact us!