Sail through Utrecht with a guide on board!

Sail through Utrecht with a guide on board!

Want to get to know Utrecht better? Make sure to book a guide for your boat trip! The guide will tell you about the fascinating history of Utrecht and many interesting facts!

Wat je krijgt

  • A guide who steps on board and tells beautiful stories about Utrecht.


1,5 hour baot trip with skipper
  • Maximum 42 people €280
  • € 125 for a 1,5 hour trip
Tip! You can combine a guide with any other package!

Important to know

The guide would appreciate receiving some preferences from the group. This way, the guide can tailor their story accordingly if the group has specific preferences for information. For example, is the group already from Utrecht and do they have some knowledge about the city? Also, is the group Dutch-speaking or English-speaking? Just let us know, and you’ll receive a customized tour!

Boarding and disembarking

Our standard boarding and disembarking location is at Paardenveld. Paardenveld is within walking distance from Utrecht Central Station. Boarding at a different location is possible, however, extra charges apply for this service.

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