Our boats

In 2018, we updated our entire fleet to our new 42-persons luxury boats. Our new boats are able to sail fully electric on green power, and can be covered when the weather isn’t as expected. Prefer to sail yourself? Take a look at our smaller boats which can be sailed without a boating license!

Our luxury fleet

Want to make a reservation on one of our luxury boats? Our bigger boats have a capacity of 42 persons and offer seating for almost everybody of the group. On board you’ll find a small toilet and the boat can be covered in case of bad weather.

You may rent a boat with skipper in Utrecht by filling in our application form or contacting us directly.

Rent a boat with skipper

Step aboard

Toilet aboard

Our luxury boats have a small toilet available for urgent toilet visits.

Flexible layout

In the middle of our boat you’ll find 3 long tables. Prefer to be able to stand in the middle? Not a problem! We can store them immediately.

Don’t get wet

Our boats can be fully covered in case of bad weather forecasts.

Sloep Huren Utrecht Boot


Room for maximum 42 persons per boat! We got three of them, so more than enough space for large groups.

Quiet and strong engine

The boat is fully electric, which means green and silent sailing. The engine can easily last more than 15 hours.


Unique: No worries of ever getting cold. Due to our heating aboard, you’ll be comfortable at all times.

rondvaart twee uur door utrecht
boottocht door utrecht twee uur

We’re prepared.

Ready for all weather types

Not the best weather or too sunny? Our boats can be covered according to your wishes. On rainy days we offer the option to fully cover the boat including see through windows. The windows offer great protection against the wind on extremely windy days as well. On the sunny days, you and your group may choose to sail with the cover over half of our boat, all of it, or accept arriving at the drop off location with a beautiful tan.

Experienced skippers

Our luxury boats are sailed by our experienced and enthousiastic skippers. Due to this experience, they know the most beautiful routes and places in and around Utrecht, and they make sure your sail trip is pleasant and comfortable. Please note that our skippers are not trained city guides. If you wish to truly get to know the city, we offer the option to book a city guide on board.

Our luxury cozy fleet

In addition to our luxury fleet for a maximum of 42 people, we also have 2 cozy boats of a smaller size!

De Papillon and Van Speyck are suitable for 12 persons and therefore perfect for a smaller group. These boats do not have a toilet on board. In case of bad weather, we can cover the boat before and during the trip.

Electric boats

Prefer to sail through the canals yourself? We have smaller boats on the canals of Utrecht available just for you! The boats are build for easy steering and steadiness on the water. With a capacity of 12 and a fully electric motor, these boats are certain to offer a great Utrecht experience.

As our boats are fully electric, you hardly hear any noice from the motor. Due to strong and thick aluminium, the boats can withstand a clash, and with a battery life up to 15 hours, they are fully ready for your canal adventures!