Boarding locations

Standard boarding location

Our standard boarding point is at Paardenveld in Utrecht, which we chose for it’s perfect accesibility. Prefer to board somewhere else? Find our other options below!

Utrecht Central Station is located within a 400 meter walk from Paardenveld.

Busstop Daalsesingel is located within a 250 meter walk from Paardenveld.

Park your car at Parking Garage Paardenveld and walk towards Park Paardenveld.

Alternative boardinglocations

Want to board somewhere else in the city? Not a problem at all! Please note that we do charge extra in order to sail our boat towards the prefered location.


The Weerdsluis is the connection between the waterways of Utrecht and the Vecht. The Weerdsluis is located at the north side of the city, and offers a great boarding point due to its large scaffolding. The location itself is a hand operated sluice which is still used many times a day during summer.

Boarding costs: +€40


Want to combine your sail trip with a meeting in the old prison at the Wolvenplein? Or want to visit the citylife? The Biltstraat, Wittevrouwenstraat and Voorstraat are located very nearby and are famous for their many restaurants and cafés. 

Boarding costs: +€80


One of Utrechts top museums is the Spoorwegmuseum! Combine a visit to this museum with a lovely sail through the city center of Utrecht. Business meeting at the museum? Our boats offer a perfect way to get you there! A small scaffolding right next to the bridge offers a perfect boarding location. 

Boarding costs: +€80


Close to both Utrecht central station and the Mariaplaats, you’ll find the Geertebolwerk. The large scaffolding offers a great way to get from the central station aboard of our boat. From here, you’re certain to enjoy a beautiful sail with our experienced skippers! This boarding location is also on walking distance of Utrecht Central Station and Hotel Karel V.
Boarding costs: +€40
Grote groepen

Centraal Museum

Want to relax on one of our boats after your visit to the Central Museum or the Nijntje Museum? A perfect combination! Enjoy a lovely cruise along the canals and the Oudegracht. Going out with the (grand)children? We have children’s life jackets on board!
Boarding costs: +€80
varen-boot-utrecht bruiloft


This location is for the foodies and culinary fans! You can enjoy a delicious dinner or lunch at the WT Urban Kitchen in the watertower, LE:EN and the Zagerij. Don’t forget to make a reservation as these restaurants are very popular! Is beer your thing? You can go wild on many different beers at Taplokaal GIST.

Boarding costs: +€80


Walk out of Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn Station and come on board! Are you coming by car? Parking garage Vaartsche Rijn is located close to this boarding location!
Boarding costs: +€80


The Gaardbrug is close to the Dom Tower. This central location is in htem iddle of the city, close to many nice shops and cozy cafes. 
Boarding costs: +€80

Van der Valk & Op Zuid

Satying at Hotel Van der Valk? We can pick you up at the hotel and can take you to the city center. On the other side is Bar & Bistro Op Zuid where you can be dropped off for a nice beer on their beatiful terrace!

Boarding costs: +€160


Would you like to enjoy a wonderful boat trip directly from the terrace or after a pleasant afternoon of shopping? Then choose to board at the Viebrug. Close to many restaurants such as the city castle Oudaen, where you can  visit their unique beer brewery or enjoy a lovely dinner.
Boarding costs: +€80
kromme rijn varen sloep schipper

Theehuis Rhijnauwen

After a lovely walk in the woods, you can board on one of our boats to sail to the center of utrecht, or to admire the beatiful Krommerijn canal. Enjoy the delicious pancakes that Teahouse Rhijnauwen bakes for you before or after the sail. This might also be your perfect wedding location!
Boarding costs: +€320


Board next to the FC Utrecht-stadion and enjoy a relaxing boat trip on the Kromme Rijn to the city center of utrecht, Utrecht Central Station or the beautiful nature of Rhijnauwen. 

Boarding costs: +€120