House rules rental Utrecht

It’s almost time! Let’s make an unforgettable boat trip together.

It is important to us that everyone is comfortable on board with us and can enjoy their time on the water. In addition, we want to treat the city and its residents appropriately. To ensure this, we have established a number of rules of conduct, and how those on board should behave. These rules of conduct are mainly based on the rules of conduct on the water of the Municipality of Utrecht.

Toilet facilities
Our large luxury sloops have a small toilet. In addition, there is a Dixi on the Oosterkade. Under the Vaartsche Rijn station is also a paid toilet of the NS station. During the cruise, there are also some toilet facilities. Please check with the skipper. Please note that it is not allowed to go to the toilet before or after the cruise at surrounding restaurants of the embarkation or disembarkation location. Wild urination is strictly prohibited. If this occurs, access to the boat will be denied to this person.

Safety on board
Because we find your safety on board very important, it is not allowed to hang out (partly) before, during, or after the trip. The municipality also prohibits swimming in the canals. Swimming poses very dangerous situations. Not only for yourself but also for other users of the water.

It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage or other objects off the boat. This includes decorations such as confetti. Garbage bags are available on board. In these, the products with deposits (cans and bottles), must be separated from the other waste. We throw away the garbage bags and you make sure that the boat looks the same at the end of the trip as it did at the start.

Amplified music
Amplified music on board is not allowed. Sound from a stereo or a cell phone also counts as amplified music. Our skippers have a strict obligation to prohibit any form of amplified sound. If you do take a stereo on board, or if amplified music is played, the skipper can deny you access to the boat. So keep your box at home.

Conduct on board
A pleasant atmosphere on board is very important. Therefore, undesirable, provocative and/or aggressive behavior towards fellow sailors and/or skipper(s) is immediately a reason to stop or end the cruise. In addition, it is forbidden to consume excessive amounts of alcohol on board. Drunkenness on board will not be accepted. Persons under the influence of alcohol at the start of the tour will be denied access to the boat. The skipper of Sloep Huren Utrecht is authorized to disembark drunk people or even cancel the entire trip if he/she feels the situation is unsafe.

The boat
Before, after and during the trip, handle the boat and its contents with care. Use the benches and cushions for sitting. It is not allowed to stand on the benches during the cruise. The only permitted way onto the boat is via one of the two steps in the middle of the boat. Always listen to the skipper’s instructions when doing so.

Our skipper
The skipper of Sloep Huren Utrecht is in charge on board. During the trip the skipper may deviate from the agreed route if, in the opinion and insight of the skipper, irresponsible or unsafe situations arise or if the boat is not operated according to the rules. The skipper will warn the passengers once. If this does not lead to the desired effect, the skipper will end the cruise immediately.

Always listen carefully to the instructions of the skipper. If you have any questions during the cruise, our skippers will be happy to answer them. Would you like a real tour with stories about Utrecht? Then book a city guide on board!

Own snacks and drinks
Feel free to bring your own snacks and/or drinks! Heating elements, such as a BBQ or grill, are unfortunately not allowed on board. As previously stated, consumption of alcohol should also remain within the normal.