Enjoy a wide variation of
sushi on the canals of Utrecht

Two hour sail with sushi & drinks

During this two hour sail through the canals of Utrecht, we’ll make sure you enjoy your sail properly with our drinks and sushi!

This sushi package offers a great way to enjoy a proper dinner on the canals of Utrecht. With 20 pieces of sushi for everyone aboard and a wide variation of this sushi you’ll leave the boat with a full stomach and a great experience. Our boats offer a maximum capacity of 42, but we suggest booking this package with a maximum of 36 per boat in order to have enough seating area.

This package offers

  • 20 pieces of fresh sushi p.p.
  • Wide variation of drinks aboard
  • Route in consultation with skipper


Boat rental 2 hours
  • Sailing up to 12 persons €225
  • Sailing 13 till 42 persons €320
  • Sailing 43 till 84 personen €640
  • Sailing 85 till 126 personen €960
Sushi & drinks
  • Sushi & drinks, €35,50 p.p. (Minimum of 10 persons)

Boarding- and exitpoints

All our sails start at the Oosterkade. The Oosterkade is positioned at the south of Utrecht and is chosen for it’s accesibility by public transport. Would you prefer to board somewhere else? Our application form offers multiple options. Please be aware that we charge an amount equal to the time required to sail to the new boarding and/or exitpoint.

All boarding locations


Through our application form we offer the option to bring children aboard. For security reasons we need to know they will be on board, but we won’t charge the full amount for the drinks and bites. For children between the age of 3 till 10 we charge 50%.

Stay Hydrated!

This package can be booked for a minimum duration of 2 hours. Will you be sailing with us for a longer duration? Not a problem at all! We will add more drinks to the package for the amount of €3,25 per additional 30 minutes to make sure there will be drinks available during the entire sail.

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