Cruise & guide!

Add a guide to your sail through the canals of Utrecht

Hire a guide during your sail through the sunny canals and get to know Utrecht!

Want to learn more about Utrecht? Make sure to hire a guide on board! The guide will tell you the beautiful history of Utrecht.

What you get

  • A guide on board who will tell you everything you need to know about Utrecht.
  • Pricing

    Boat rental 1,5 hours (includes skipper)
    • Sailing till 42 persons €280
    • €125 for 1.5 hours
    You can hire a guide in combination with of without other packages.

    Good to know

    The guide would like to know some preferences of the group. This allows the guide to adjust his/her story if the group has a preference for specific information. For example, is the group already from Utrecht and do they already have some knowledge about the city? And is the group Dutch or English-spoken? Pass it on and you will receive a tailor-made tour!

    Boarding- and exitpoints

    Our regular boarding- and exitpoint is at the dock of the Oosterkade. The Oosterkade is positioned on the south side of Utrecht and easily accessible by train, car or bike. Would you prefer to board or exit somewhere else? We offer boarding points throughout the entire city, which can be booked through our application form or by sending us an email.

    All boarding locations

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